Six ways on how you can give back while having fun this year

To give back sometimes can mean a big time or financial commitment but there are other ways of getting involved. Have a look at your personality and integrate an activity into your everyday life that serves a bigger purpose. Motivating your friends and family to participate is even more rewarding as you can spend quality time with your loved once while giving back. There is something for everyone from short to long-term commitments. So try it out…


1. For the socialite…attend Fundraising events


The world has changed. There are more and more events hosted with the purpose of raising money for foundations with luxury brands being among their biggest supporters. If you are passionate about campaigns against global climate change and want to sit at the table next to Leonardo Di Caprio, nothing is going to stop you from spending a couple of thousand dollars for the entry ticket and right to attend one of the gatherings hosted by him for his foundation. Normally such opportunities take place during big annual events such as Fashion weeks or Film Festivals. Check with your preferred concierge service to organise tickets for such functions.

2. For the collector…take part in online charity auctions


Many celebrities host auctions on their social media platforms where the money goes to charity. You can also check out to find out about auctions for meetings with A-listers, Fortune 500 CEOs or other unique experiences and items. 


If you have a luxury bag, which you are considering throwing away, don’t do it. Instead, just connect with one of the auction platforms, raise the money for the selected charity and donate. You can do this simply on eBay or a dedicated charity auction website in your region. Advertise the auction on your social media profiles to gain traction and ask your friends and family to share the link with their contacts.

3. For the trend setters…when buying why not search for special marked items with a philanthropic purpose?


Many luxury brands sell products, which have been created for philanthropic purposes, with some money from each sale going to a specific foundation. For example, the Bvlgari Save the Children campaign, which started in 2012 with Save the Children UK helped to raise over GBP 1m for charity. It all started off with a ring, which has been worn by hundreds of celebrities and then expanded into a bracelet and necklace. Made out of silver, the cost of the items was not high yet the feeling of contributing to philanthropy is priceless.


4. For the adventurer…Volunteering Tourism


Volunteering while on vacation is a new service offered by some leading hotel chains and is also available through many more organisations. Before booking any such holiday we recommend that you do an online background check on the programme, companies and foundations involved to ensure the experience will be what you expect.



5. For the leader…become a Charity Ambassador…    


Big charity players like UNICEF, PETA, Red Cross and others count Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Keanu Reeves and others among their Ambassadors, but there are thousands of charity organisations that offer such Ambassador positions within their foundations. If you have been chosen as a charity Ambassador, your role will be to promote and raise awareness of the charity organisation, attend fundraising events and share your personal experience and sense of connection with the organisation or challenge that the charity is focusing on.

6. And for the ambitious…starting your own foundation….    


There are many other ways to get involved. Our world is big and the issues and challenges that we face are even bigger. If you have the time and energy to set up your own foundation click here to read some of the considerations you should make beforehand.

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