Give back with running - MAJOR CHARITY RUNS around the globe

Running is fun, keeps you healthy and also offers a great way to give something back. It is an activity that is accessible to all of us and it has become very important for non-profit fundraisers.


In 1953 Ramon Rivero (known as Diplo), a comedian, actor and pioneer of  Puerto Rican radio, organised the first global Walk-A-Thon. He walked 80 miles to raise money for the Puerto Rican League Against Cancer and within four days he collected $85,000. The Walk-A-Thon turned into a historic event that became part of the collective consciousness of Puerto Ricans all over the world, and has been copied endless times since.


Charity runs have become incredible popular and there are now thousands of such events taking place all over the world.




A truly global race to find a cure for spinal cord injury with hundreds of thousand participants starting the race at the same time on seven continents. Be part of the global movement and join a race in a city near you.

United States



This is the largest charity run event  in the world to raise awareness for breast cancer. It started in 1983 with only 800 runners and now counts around two million participants and is organised throughout the United States.




A combination of fun and doing good, this event is definitely something to participate in to support Cancer research in the UK where you should not forget to wear your neon. Each participant will be kitted out with a head torch, drawstring bag,  water bottle,  keying medal,  bandana, accurate chip timing, training plan and even a recovery pack for a magical running experience!  




This 50,000 participant event is one of the most prestigious marathons in the world as well as one of the most beautiful. So why not join one of the charity teams, for example Red Cross and enjoy the scenic race through a stunning city, passing many iconic sights.




This event features 14,000 runners, walkers; and movers and shakers who are expected to tackle the new 1370-metre circuit, open 24 hours over the next eight days. The concept is simple: to do as many circuits as you can where, for each kilometre a participant completes, donors and sponsors will donate €1 to Children & Future, a non-profit organisation.   




Organised by Natalia Vodianova and Polina Kitsenko together with Adidas to support the Naked Hearts foundation, this charity run attracts 10,000 participants including many Russian celebrities.




This race has been organised over 20 years and raises funds and awareness for cancer research. There are over 10,000 participants every year which is great fun for the whole family while showing your support for this important cause.




Anyone participating can raise money for a charity close to their hearts. Over the past ten years over 170,000 runners have participated and a total of $12 million for over 400 charities has been raised.


There are, of course, also things you need to consider and check before you commit to participate in a race:

  1.  Who organises the charity run?  
  The best answer is the charity itself. If it is an events company in charge, you need to check what relations the charity has with the organisers. Do not hesitate to contact both charity and event organiser to get more details.  
  2. What happens with the money raised from the event?   
  To participate in such events is not free and of course you want to know whether your money is going towards a good cause. In any case if the event has been organised by an events agency and not by the charity themselves, you can always request more information on how the charity will benefit. Also read up on the charity and how they intent to spend the money raised at the event or contact them.
  3. Who is the charity I am raising money for?  
  Always check the charity, their projects and financial reports. You can opt to contact them directly to get more information if you can’t find it on their website. It is important to be confident that they are financial sound, transparent, have good governance practices, accountability and make a long-lasting and meaningful change.