'' Today a reader, tomorrow a leader'' - Margaret Fuller


As well as improving our memories, developing our analytical skills, boosting our knowledge or reducing stress, reading books can also encourage us to take action and help to drive the change that can leave a positive footprint in the lives of so many people.


At Kind Luxury, we are passionate readers and are therefore pleased to present you with our favourite books on philanthropy that really should be read by everyone.

Here are our favourite books: 


Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

by Katie Davis

What could possibly make an eighteen-year-old senior class president and homecoming queen from Nashville, Tennessee want to move to Uganda, where she knew only one person and had no knowledge of the language? By doing so, she was wrecking her parents' dreams of her going to college, upsetting her young brother, losing most of her friends who felt let down and also breaking up with  the love of her life.


Katie Davis flew out to Africa during the Christmas holidays of her senior year for a short missionary trip to Uganda. What happened there was to transform her life totally. She was so affected by the people of Uganda and their needs that she felt a deep calling to return and care for them. Katie, a charismatic, forceful and articulate young woman, has set up a Gospel-based ministry called Amizima which feeds and sends scores of children to schools. She is also taking steps to adopt 13 Ugandan children. 


Kisses from Katie takes readers on a journey of profound love along the pitted roads of Uganda.

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The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change

Adam Braun

The Promise of a Pencil chronicles Braun’s journey to discover his calling. Each chapter highlights how just one strong step can enable everyone to transform their dreams  into reality. Money does not really matter as much as many people think because you can start off with even a small amount. This story introduces readers to all sorts of scenes and characters including business entrepreneurs, tribal chiefs, world-famous celebrities and heroes from closer to home.   

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A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity

Nicolas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

This husband and wife team scored their first literary success with their number one New York Times best seller Half the Sky.  That book revealed the daily struggles faced by women and girls around the world, and gave a platform to those individuals and institu­tions who work to face down oppression and promote opportunity. A Path Appears is even broader in its scale: nothing less than a comprehensive sweep of those people who strive to improve our world as well as a guide to how we can do the same—whether with a donation of $5 or $5 mil­lion, with our time, by capitalizing on our skills as individuals, or by using our corporate resources.

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Making It In High Heels 4: Women Of Philanthropy & Charity

Nicolette Hernandez

This book is proud to celebrate successful women and their dedication to philanthropic giving. It shows how they have built an inner confidence and can-do attitude summed up as:  ‘I am worth it! I can do this!’

This group of superwomen not only enjoy career success, but also have the confidence and vigour to help those causes which inspire them.  

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'' A book is a gift that you can open again and again'' - Garrison Keillor

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