Movies that inspire us to give back

According to IMDb (Internet Movie Database), approximately 2,500 new movies are produced every year and the cinema industry generates hundreds of millions of dollars of profits every year. Movies help us escape our realities, visit places we have never been and they inspire us on taking the next steps in our new beginning.


We at Kind Luxury like to spend our rainy weekends watching inspirational movies and are pleased to share with you some of our most favourite ones.

Living on One Dollar (2013)

This film follows the journey of four friends who decided to spend two months in rural Guatemala while only living off one dollar a day. They battle hunger, parasite and extreme financial stress as they attempt to survive life on the edge. The challenges they face are real to 1.1 billion people around the world. During their journey they realise that there is no easy answers to end poverty but the generosity of some of the people they encounter give them hope that it can be fought effectively.

Girl Rising (2013)

This inspirational movie follows the story of nine girls from Haiti, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Peru, Cambodia, India, Ethiopia and Afghanistan on their journey to education. This movie uses storytelling to inspire action to educate girls all over the world to break the cycle of poverty.

Into the Wild (2007)

After graduating from University, Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire savings of USD 24,000 to charity and travels to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, he meets a few characters that shape his perception of life. During his journey he realises true happiness can only be achieved when shared with others.

Freedom Writers (2006)

This movie shares the story of a young enthusiastic teacher who inspires her class of at-risk teenagers to learn about tolerance, persistence and to pursue education beyond high school to break the cycle of poverty.

Millions (2004)

This movie shows us lessons about ethics and what it means of being human which is portrait by a 7-year old boy which finds a bag of Pound Sterling just days before the currency is switched to euros. This movie shows the innocence, strength and solidarity of a young boy.

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