Giving while living – The pledge made by billionaires

‘Giving while living’ is a new age term describing entrepreneurs who have pledged to give away their entire wealth during their life time rather than when they die.


One of the most prominent role model is Chuck Feeney which gave away all of his wealth, almost USD 8 billion inspiring individuals such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.


Backed by research giving your wealth away is actually a short cut to happiness.


In 2009, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg founded The Giving Pledge, whereby billionaires pledge to give away at least half of their fortunes. According to Atlantic Philanthropies in America alone a total of 92 families have now made this pledge. A few you may recognize we have listed here.

Bill and Melinda Gates

Co-founder of Microsoft with the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world.    

Warren Buffet

Most successful business magnate and investor in the world. Committed to give 99% of his wealth away to philanthropic causes.   

Vladimir Potanin

Nickel magnate and entrepreneur. He is the first Russian billionaire to join The Giving Pledge.  

Manoj Bhargava

Founder and CEO of Innovations Ventures LLC, the company known for producing the 5-hour energy drink. He pledged to donate 90% of his wealth.

Patrice and Precious Motsepe

South African mining magnate. Will use the pledge mainly to improve living conditions, of the poor, disabled, unemployed, women, youth and workers in South Africa.   

Richard and Joan Branson

Founder of Virgin Group controlling over 400 companies and spend 90% of their time doing philanthropic work.    

Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg

Internet entrepreneur known for Facebook. The couple pledged to give away all of their assets.  

Sara Blakely

Founder of Spanx. She was the first female billionaire to join the pledge.

Azim Premji

Informally known as the Tsar of the Indian IT industry. He has given away USD 8 billion so far to philanthropic causes.

Paul Allen

Co-founder of Microsoft. Already given away USD 2 billion.

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