Which businesses give back the most?

The world is changing, the trend to have a positive impact is growing and everyone wants to see the world a better place. Some of the world’s richest people joined the „Giving Pledge“ and donated the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. Many successful entrepreneurs and celebrities have setup their own foundations or charities to give back to local and global community or raise funds through their social networks to make an impact. And corporations have their own philanthropy departments to run their own foundations.

What are the main reasons for corporations to give back?

  • Positive PR
  • Networking opportunities with local and global leaders
  • Fostering a positive company culture by gaining more respect from the employees and improving their morals
  • Making the world a better place

Top five industries that give back the most

Pharmaceutical industry

This industry remains one of the top givers over the past 10 years. The companies in this industry donate hundreds of millions of dollars to charities, provide vaccines, medical education each year.

Financial industry

Financial Industry of which mostly banks are the biggest donors to philanthropic causes worldwide.

Media, advertising and print industry

Media, advertising and print industry gives back with cash, media power, volunteering and providing creative media services for free.

Technology industry

The companies of this industry have become one of the top givers in the past five years with the leaders of the technology companies setting a precedent for the next generation to give back.

Food, beverage and tobacco industry

Many of these companies have setup their own foundations, partner with charities on a long-term basis and donate millions of dollars to philanthropic projects.

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