Did You Know Which Are The Most Generous Countries Around the World? These Results May Surprise You!

This is our favourite quote by Timothy Pina and perfectly sums up the people living in the top 5 most generous countries: “Be Kind. Be Generous. Be Helpful. Show Mercy. Be forgiving. Give love. Be thankful. Be cheerful. Do acts of kindness for those who can never repay you. It all helps to brighten humanity!”

Capturing the feedback covering 95% of the world’s population, The CAF World Giving Index looks at how and why people around the world give to charity. The report includes questions about three different types of giving behaviour, with each country receiving a ranking according to their answers to:

  •      Helping a stranger
  •      Donating money
  •      Volunteering time


Top 5 most generous countries:


Myanmar has claimed the title of being the world’s most generous country. Evidence supports the idea that the popularity of Buddhism in the country (between 80% and 90% practise Buddhism) is a key contributor to the generosity of its people and their propensity to volunteer and help others.  The statistics tell a clear story with 91% of Myanmar residents giving money to charity in the past year, 53% saying they had helped a stranger, and 51% also getting involved with volunteering.


Indonesia scores strongly for volunteering with 55% of people helping in this way. The increase  in people donating money directly to charity is the major factor behind its improvement from last year’s score. It gained the highest ranking of all of the G20’s largest economies for 2017.


As a third world country with its own challenges, Kenya has still shown an impressive growth in generosity during 2017. Its index score has soared from 52% to 60%. What seems to be driving this is a marked  improvement in the attitude towards helping strangers.


Though the country has seen a decrease in its index scoring of 2%,  it has still been successful in retaining its fourth position  for the second year running. Last year it fell just behind the US in its  GDP rankings for charitable acts. However, despite a drop in its index scoring,  New Zealand has been a consistently strong charitable performer.

5. USA

There has been a steady fall in the ranking position enjoyed by the US. According to a CAF study, the most three powerful first world countries have all exhibited a drop in their generosity index ranking. With the US in 5th position in the index ranking in 2017, it is now standing at its lowest ranking since records began in 2011.



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