How to Make Giving Back Part of Your New Year Resolution

How to make giving part of your New Year Resolution

Another year is coming to an end and the new year is upon us. For some of us it is time to think about and make our new year resolution on quitting a bad habit or improving our life. How about adding giving back to your list? 

Here are four ideas to add to your New Year Resolution to make a difference in the world:



Make the new year 'The Year of Giving' by donating a monthly contribution to your favourite charity or by sponsoring a child or animal.


If you don’t have a favourite charity think about the causes that are most dear to you such as the environment, animals, the less fortunate, human rights, or equality and then find a charity that focuses on this cause and start making a monthly donation. Also decide if you prefer to support a local or a bigger international run charity.


Volunteering can have a big impact in your community. Check out your local charities to see how you can help out. This can range from helping in a soup kitchen, mentoring a child, or working with animals. You can also organise your own volunteering project such as picking up trash from one of your local parks or an area that require a desperate clean up.


Volunteering is a fun activity for the whole family and teaches your kids the virtues of giving back to the community and how an impact can be made – so why not volunteer as a family!


A single donation can save up to three lives. Google when and where you can give blood where you live and sign up.


Why don’t you ask your friends to join in. Giving blood is a simple way to have a huge impact.


How about getting together with your friends and participate in a fundraising activity such as a charity walk or by putting on your own fundraising event. Think about the cause you want to support and create your fundraising ideas around that. The internet is a great resource for plenty of fundraising ideas, alternatively contact a local charity to see if they have any upcoming fundraising events that you can participate in.

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