Five non-profits going viral on Instagram

Have you ever counted how many times per day you check your social media accounts? We did and were shocked at just how often it was. It is clear that social networks play an extremely important role in our lives – we learn what our friends and families are doing,  share our lives with the rest of the world, and follow celebrities as well as companies. We can also keep an eye on non-profits, which use digital tools to raise awareness about global issues. 


In fact, many non-profits have already become global brands with turnover heading into the hundreds of millions of dollars and social media profiles growing in both reach and impact..


Here we would like to highlight and share five non-profit Instagram accounts that grabbed the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers including us.

WWF International - 2m followers

Established back in 1961, The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international NGO dedicated to protecting wildlife and our natural environment. It campaigns to raise awareness of the delicate balance of nature and the risks associated with the dominance of the human species. It used to be called the World Wildlife Fund, and this is still the name used in the United States and Canada.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) – 1.1 m followers

 Known for the success of its innovative publicity campaigns, PETA is the world’s largest animal rights organization, having more than 6.5 million members and supporters. PETA takes a direct approach through education initiatives, active protest, investigative work around animal cruelty and direct animal rescue. It seeks to change legisaltion and enjoys celebrity support and involvement in its work.

Humane Society of the United States – 347k followers

This organisation exists to put a stop to cruelty towards animals. It’s firmly on the side of creatures who suffer and works closely with its millions of supporters to challenge puppy farming, agricultural cruelty and animal experiments. Trophy hunting is another area where it protests strongly about the cruelty involved.  The work of this organisation really is tangible especially with the many animals saved each year by its animal rescue team.

charity: water – 442k followers

charity: water is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to supply clean and safe drinking water to people right accross developing countries. It sees access to water as a key human right given its importance to everyday life. That is why it works closely with local communities and experts to deliver sustainable and economic water supply. Of course, there are all sorts of ways of doing this from the simple well to more complicated piped systems. Filtration and purification matter too as do ongoing efforts to harvest the natural benefits of rainwater. To ensure long-term continuity of supply, it’s important to train those tasked with keeping the water flowing and clean and ensure that there is an education process around the steps needed to achieve better sanitation. 

Pencils of Promise – 210k followers

Pencils of Promise, is also more simply known as PoP. It’s a non-profit organization involved in building schools and enhancing access to education for both girls and boys in the developing world. Adam Braun set up Pencils of Promise back in October 2008 believing firmly in educational opportunity for all as the necessary building block for success. As the charity has grown, it has expanded its operations to include a number of education programmes in places like Ghana, Guatemala and Laos.

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