7 character styles of donating – which one are you?

7 character styles of donating – which one are you?

When you give to a charity, have you ever wondered why you do it? According to a study by Russ Alan Rpince and Karen Maru File there are seven types of donors which they describe in their book The Seven Faces of Philanthropy. Knowing your type of giving lets you understand just a little bit more about yourself. In the end giving is what is most important and no type of donor is better than the other.  

Here are the seven types of donors which one are you?



The Altruist are the silent givers who want to better the world and want to have an impact as it is the right thing to do. 


For the Communitarian it is very important that the donation is given to the community who he identifies with the most, whether that community is based on geography, race, generation or another common characteristic.


For the Devout donors it is very important to engage with other fellow devotees who identify with a strongly held belief in a cause or a group. 


Giving is a family tradition. Dynasts give not only to support the cause, but to contribute to a legacy of giving. 


What are the tax and estate implications? What’s the ROI? Is it good business? Donations are based more on calculation than on moral obligation.


It’s all about gratitude and returning the favour. Whether it’s a school, a hospital or a person, this donor feels a sense of loyalty or obligation to help those who have helped him or her. 


Lights, camera, donate! The socialite strives for attention and uses the donation as their own publicity stunt. At the fundraising gala they will dominate the picture being taken but even better they are known as the rainmakers as they bring friends and family, which equals more donors.

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