Global awareness days, weeks and months


  1 Jan
Global Family Day - One day in Peace
14 Jan
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day                                              
27 Jan International Holocaust Remembrance Day
31 Jan Street Children's Day


  2 Feb
Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day
  4 Feb World Cancer Day
  6 Feb International Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
  8 Feb* International Safer Internet Day
12 Feb International Day of Women's Health
12 Feb Child Soldier Awareness Day
14 Feb Global Day to End Violence Against Women
15 Feb International Childhood Cancer Day
20 Feb World Day of Social Justice
21 Feb International Mother Language Day - Awareness of Cultural Diversity
27 Feb World NGO Day
29  Feb** Rare Disease Day


  1 Mar
Self-Harm Awareness Day
  8 Mar
International Women's Day
10 Mar
Women and Girl's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
20 Mar
World Oral Health Day
21 Mar
International Forest Day
21 Mar
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination     
21 Mar
Anal Cancer Awareness Day
21 Mar
World Down Syndrome Day
22 Mar
World Water Day
24 Mar
World Tuberculosis Day
26 Mar
Purple Day for Epilepsy



 2 Apr
World Autism Day
  7 Apr
World Health Day
11 Apr
World Parkinson's Awareness Day
12 Apr*** Equal Pay Day
13 Apr
International Functional Neurological Disorder Day             
17 Apr
World Bleeding Disorder Awareness Day
22 Apr
Earth Day
24 Apr
World Meningitis Day
25 Apr
Parental Alienation Awareness Day
Week World Immunisation Week (Last Week of April)
Month Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Month
Month Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Month Parkinson's Awareness Month


17 May

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
31 May
World No Tobacco Day


  5 Jun
World Environmental Day
14 Jun
World Blood Donor Day
20 Jun
World Refugee Day


28 Jul
World Hepatitis Day      


12 Aug

International Youth Day                 

26 Aug

Women's Equality Day


  6 Sep
Colour Blindness Awareness Day                         
  9 Sep
International Fetal Alcohol Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day
23 Sep
Celebrate Bisexuality Day
26 Sep
World Contraception Day
28 Sep
World Rabies Day


  5 Oct
International Day of No Prostitution
10 Oct World Mental Health Day 
11 Oct International Day of the Girl Child
11 Oct National Coming Out Day
12  Oct**** World Sight Day
22 Oct International Stuttering Awareness Day
26 Oct Intersex Awareness Day
Week Mental Illness Awareness Week (First full week of October)
Week Free Speech Week (Third week of October)
Month Blindness Awareness Month


  8 Nov
Intersex Solidarity Day
  9 Nov World Freedom Day
14 Nov World Diabetes Day
17 Nov World Pancreatic Cancer Day
17 Nov World Premature Day
19 Nov World Toilet Day
19 Nov
International Men's Day
20 Nov Universal Children's Day
20 Nov
Transgender Day of Remembrance
25 Nov
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
Month Movember - Men's Health Awareness Month


  1 Dec
World Aids Day
  3 Dec
International Day of Persons with Disabilities
10 Dec
Human Rights Day

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* Every second week of February

** Last day of February

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**** Every second Tuesday in October