Simple Steps to Reduce your Carbon Footprint Instantly

7 Simple Steps to Reduce your Carbon Footprint Instantly

We can’t deny that we are in a time of change where some regions of the world experiencing record high temperature, more severe storms and earthquakes killing people and disrupting our daily life. Climate change presents the single biggest threat to sustainable development everywhere and its widespread, unprecedented impacts disproportionately on societies that are already underprivileged – widening the wealth gap even further.


The landmark Paris Climate Change Agreement and the latest Katowice Climate Package agreed by the world leaders focuses on reducing the countries and companies carbon footnote. However, what can we do as an individual to reduce our own footprint and be responsible for our own action? 


You can do a few simple things to help offset your carbon footprint but some people have gone as far offsetting their entire footprint during the year through one of the many companies that let you easily calculate your footprint and purchase the offsetting in a few easy steps. 

Here are five simple ways to offset your carbon footprint in your everyday life:


1. Eat Less Beef

The single most effective action you can take to combat climate change is to reduce eating beef. The Greenhouse gas emission from agribusiness are even a bigger problem than from the burning of fossil fuel. Cattles consume 11 times more water and producing 5 times more emissions than its poultry counterparts. For example to produce a single steak (454g) of beef, it takes over 9,000 litres of water. Further if you buy beef from Brazil it was most likely raised on deforested land of the Amazon rainforest.

2. Eat Local and Bio

Eating locally produced bio vegetables can significantly reduce the carbon emission produced as the transportation requires petroleum-based fuels, and many fertilizers are also fossil fuel-based. 

3. Line-Dry Your Clothes

Using a dryer to dry your clothes uses a lot of energy. How about air dry some of your clothes to reduce your carbon footprint?

4. Driving

Rather than driving choose to walk, bike, or take public transport. Make a rule for yourself that if you have less than 2 km to go that you use your bike or if you use your car often try not use it for one day of the week. 

5. Air Travel

Lets face it we all want an exotic vacation or are required to travel for business. Most of us travel by air numerous times during the year and this has a huge impact on our carbon footprint. By reducing air travel or choosing to offset it by calculating the impact and pay to offset it can help significantly. There are various companies available where you can easily offset your travels.

6. Don’t Buy Fast Fashion

Major fashion houses now have up to 15 seasons during one year of clothes to animate consumers to make continuous purchases of the latest fashion must haves. This causes a lot of wastage but also increases the need for raw materials which use pesticides, production sites that use energy and can cause pollution and the transportation from where it can be produced cheaply to the stores – all having a huge impact on carbon emission. 

7. Unplug Your Devices

It may be a surprise to you but even a turned off electronic device in your home still uses up electricity. Therefore unplug your devices when not in use or when you are on holiday.

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